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Final Product for Easy DIY Ghostie Garland

Easy DIY Ghostie Garland

New fun and easy family DIY for spooky season! This creative ghostie garland is incredibly kid-friendly, and it doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Spooky season is here, friends! Momma Maker Paige of Maddox Avenue was feeling witchy and crafty (a perfect combination, in our opinion) when she and her littles sat down to craft this sweet but spooky, creative take on the ever-popular ghostie garland. 

This fun family activity is a super easy DIY! This creative ghostie garland is incredibly kid-friendly, and it doesn’t get better than that, does it?



You’ll need only a handful of materials for this creative DIY. Most you can find around the house, or as in Paige’s case, left over from a previous craft.

  • Yarn (Paige and her littles used white, but any color would be great, let your creativity flow!) 
  • Scissors
  • Dye or Markers 
  • String
  • A piece of cardboard or a book (a DVD case would work too!)
  • Rubber band(s) (you could also use tape!)

Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Materials


This fun DIY is ten easy steps! Let’s get started!



Take your cardboard, book, or DVD case, whatever you are using, and wrap the rubber band around the short side. By wrapping one rubber band around each short side of your cardboard, you could make two fun little ghosties at once!

 Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Step 1


Step 2: 

Cut a small piece of yarn and slide it under the rubber band at the top of your cardboard.

 Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Step 2



Step 3: 

Start at the bottom and wind your yarn around your cardboard. The more times around, the thicker your ghostie tassel will be! This is where the size of your object can help you express your creativity a bit more- smaller objects can make “kid” ghosties, and bigger objects can make “adult” ghosties. A family of ghosties for your fun family activity!

 Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Step 3



Step 4: 

Once you’ve reached your desired thickness for your ghostie tassel, stop at the bottom and cut your string. (This picture also shows how you can use your cardboard to make two ghosties at once!)

Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Step 4 


Step 5:

Tie the small piece of yarn that is under your rubber bands at the top of the wound yarn.

Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Step 5 


Step 6: 

Now, cut the yarn at the bottom of your ghostie tassel.

 Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Step 6


Step 7: 

Cut another small piece of yarn to use to tie around the middle of your tassel. Make sure to flip your tassel to hide the tie at the top. 

Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Step 7

Step 8: 

Tie the small piece of yarn around the middle of your tassel and trim the excess. It’s really starting to take shape now! You’re almost done with your creative DIY ghostie garland!

Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Step 8                      


Step 9: 

Now you can color the bottoms of your ghosties with markers or dye a spooky pattern on them! Let your ghostie tassel soak up your creativity, and then rinse if you are using dye. If you use markers, you DO NOT need to rinse your ghostie tassels.

   Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Step 9    Easy DIY Ghostie Garland 9.5                                    


Step 10: 

Once your ghosties are dry, string them along to piece your garland together. Your creative fun isn’t over just yet, you can arrange your ghosties along your garland with wooden beads or fluffy pompoms and add some spooky faces or googly eyes! Then display your sweet but spooky easy DIY ghostie garland wherever your heart fancies!

 Easy DIY Ghostie Garland Final Product

Paige and her littles added their ghostie garland to their mantle. Where did you hang yours? Comment below and let us know how your easy DIY ghostie garland turned out!  


For more from Momma Maker Paige, visit her Instagram @maddox_avenue


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